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Uber’s Arbitration Clause Problem Part 1

As I mentioned in a recent post, I think it would be worthwhile to examine some of the previous orders in the O’Connor v. Uber class action litigation in California relating to Uber’s various arbitration provisions.  This post covers the

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Another Class Certified Against Uber. What’s in YOUR Arbitration Agreement?

So I’ve finally accepted the fact that the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work.  Here we go! One of my first posts here related to some of the litigation pending against Uber in the N.D.

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Uber Email Leads to Certification of Class Action

Last week brought another ruling in putative class action litigation pending against Uber in federal court in California.  This time it was Ehret v. Uber Technologies, Inc., 14-cv-113 (N.D. Cal 2015), wherein plaintiff alleged Uber misrepresented an automatic 20% charge

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Early Court Decision Mentioning “Sharing Economy” Offers Lessons for Platforms, Hints from Judiciary

Perhaps the biggest legal issue facing what I’ll refer to here as ride-sharing companies is whether their drivers should be classified and treated as employees or independent contractors. When an employer/employee relationship exists, the employer may be responsible for paying

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