Author: Michael Erdman

Ride-Sharing Platforms and Tort Liability Exposure: Know and Mean What You Say

While the first legal issue that comes to mind for many when considering the new ride-sharing platforms is the employee v. independent contractor question, exposure to tort liability should also be near the top of the list for platforms, service

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Early Court Decision Mentioning “Sharing Economy” Offers Lessons for Platforms, Hints from Judiciary

Perhaps the biggest legal issue facing what I’ll refer to here as ride-sharing companies is whether their drivers should be classified and treated as employees or independent contractors. When an employer/employee relationship exists, the employer may be responsible for paying

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FTC Hosts Robust Discussions on the Sharing Economy

Over the summer the U.S. Federal Trade Commission held a workshop entitled “The ‘Sharing’ Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators.”  The majority of the workshop was conducted by professors and FTC officials, with several notable exceptions. The regulation of

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Keeping It Simple: What is the Sharing Economy?

Being a lawyer blogging about the “Sharing Economy,” I would be remiss if I didn’t first at least touch upon the meaning of the phrase. Having researched the issue, I am not aware of any binding legal definition of “Sharing

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First Impressions of the Sharing Economy

Some time in 2013 I first learned about mobile phone apps that could be used by anyone to summon a car for a ride.  Open the app, view and convey some information, and next thing you know somebody driving his

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