Month: February 2016

Uber’s Arbitration Clause Problem Part 1

As I mentioned in a recent post, I think it would be worthwhile to examine some of the previous orders in the O’Connor v. Uber class action litigation in California relating to Uber’s various arbitration provisions.  This post covers the

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Chicago Cabbies and Livery Drivers Walk Away from Uber Lawsuit

I practice in Chicago and try to keep a close eye on Sharing Economy developments both locally and in Springfield.  I previously examined a federal court decision involving legal challenges by some of Uber’s competitors here, and as you might

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Landlord’s Permission to List Unit on Airbnb Ruled Irrelevant (and Illegal)

Joelle Kraft lived in a rent-controlled one bedroom unit in Venice, California.  She had an agreement with her original landlord that permitted her to list the premises on Airbnb: This Agreement is in addition to the existing lease agreement between

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